Friday, December 1, 2017

Child abuse or Dummy(stand-in)?

Princess Aiko's birthday photo.....??

Who are you?  

Who are you?
Princess Aiko..., late November
the identical person?

12/1/ 2017 (Published picture on 1st December)
Photo taken in November

Who are you?

12/1/ 2017

12/ 2016
 4/ 2017

12/23/ 2016 😱

3/22/ 2017

Who are they? 😵

Who are you? 😠
Which is the real Princess Aiko?
Which one is real Princess Aiko?

Do not hide a developmental disability of Princess Aiko!
Do not hide genuine Princess Aiko!
Do not idealize( beautify ) her by lies!

Who are you? 😡💢
Both Michiko?

A woman who destroyed the Imperial Family
Women who destroyed the Imperial Family

The ringleader (Empress Michiko) and cooperators

The real Emperor👹


A lie-like truth.
The truth like a lie.
The incredible truth.
The unbelievable truth.

Do not be fooled!

I want you to know the truth.
Please know the truth.🙏