Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A sense of incongruity

Princess Mako of Akishino is engaged ?
I truly congratulate them, but I also have anxiety and doubt.

Prior to the official announcement by the Imperial Household Agency,
NHK, a public broadcast, reported it without permission.
Is NHk a weekly magazine?
Princess Mako is not an entertainer !😠

The news of  Emperor 's abdication was similar as well.
Even then, neither the Cabinet nor the Imperial Household Agency knew about it,
but NHK reported it without permission.

The government had no choice but to follow the idea of the Emperor.
Even if it is a constitutional violation, they can not deny the opinion of the Emperor.

Emperor  does not have to abdicate, he need only to has "regent(摂政)".

There were persons who planned behind the scenes.
NHK  works as a tool of Empress and leftist.

As the day goes on, suspicious information about him is coming out.
We do not know his parentage and background.
He has suspicious rumors.
We have no choice but to wait for an official announcement.

K.Komuro 😟
his mother ðŸ˜•

There are those who wish to get Princess Mako to leave the Imperial family as soon as possible....?
I am worried because the traffic accident of Prince Akishino Family continued.

Those who want  founding of  "Female Imperial  Family (It is that a woman succeed to Miyake 〈house of an imperial prince〉.)"  and  "Female Emperor"  are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

This is something that should not be done!
If marriage of Princess Mako is due to a conspiracy, we must stop this marriage.
We Japanese have no choice but to oppose the marriage.

By the way ...
Emperor said that he wanted to abdicate because he can not serve with all of his physical strength and spirit power.

But their(Empress and Emperor) treatment (number of staff , Money be paid for everyday life) remains unchanged.

After having said that he wants to abdicate,
they go for the appreciation  of music or art frequently as before.

In other words, they want to do the favorite thing,  but  do not seem to want to do rituals.

And they want Crown Prince Naruhito to be the Emperor
but they do not want Prince Akishino to be Crown Prince.
 (but Externally he will be call  Crown Prince .)

Crown Prince Naruhito can not do the ritual at all.

But anyway....
I hope she will be happy.
(To tell the truth,  I am a little sad. Because Princess Mako leaves the Imperial Family.)

Because I am poor at English, what I want to say may not have been communicated well to you.😭

There are many things that I want to say, but it's impossible to do so with my English.
I am irritated with myself not being able to speak(write) English well.😢😭

Friday, May 5, 2017

Saucer hat collection!

They played tennis nearly three hours on 4th May.

Empress Michiko says her cervical spine hurts but she is fine enough to play tennis.
She used the trouble at the cervical spine as an excuse for not wearing a tiara.
She has no trouble at the cervical spine.
Her action shows it.
She plays tennis, jogs and plays the piano for hours.


A woman wearing a peculiar (strange,crazy,eccentric,bizarre,shameful,disgraceful) hat.

I am disgusted by her hat.
I am quite disgusted with her.

It is not only a hat to be strange....

Many Japanese are ashamed of Empress’ hat and clothes.