Saturday, February 22, 2020

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

unsightly .......Emperor and Empress

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania came to Japan.
Thank you for your visit.
Everyone except the left wing was very welcome.

Japan's media praises Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako.
Especially the Empress.
Media emphasize that they spoke in English without an interpreter.
(However, everyone in the Imperial Family can speak English.)
Because they have nothing to praise other than that.

They were not like  the Emperor or Empress, but like guides.

They are always talking and they are instructed many times without knowing their standing position.
They are bad manners and vulgar.
There is no expression method except "the unsightly".
I'm sorry if they were rude to the president and his wife.

The president's speech at the dinner was so wonderful.

Empress moving to Emperor's position.😱

Emperor and Empress chattered on and on.😟

Empress Masako who turns her back on President Trump.😠

She often puts her hands on her lower belly, 
but it is not beautiful, and  not the formal manners.

Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko😊💕

Team Trump😄💖

(As ever, I am sorry for my poor English.)

Saturday, May 4, 2019

The beginning of the end

New Emperor Naruhito and New Empress Masako

April 30 / 2019
Princess Aiko...

May 1 / 2019

May 4 / 2019

At last they got throne.
It is a nightmare.

The Japanese are deceived by the lie of the media and do not know the truth.
The wife of Shinto's top  is a pagan.
(Empress Michiko was also a pagan)
She pretends to be a disease and does little public duty.
(A Doctor have not made public press conferences and have not announced detailed medical conditions or treatment progress.
We don't know exactly who the doctor is and  don't know if it exists. )

Most of the media is anti-Japanese, with the aim of destroying the imperial family, 
so they bless them(New Emperor Family) insanely.
And they are slandering his younger brother's family.

They are planning to have their daughter(Aiko) the Emperor.
Under this condition, a female emperor may eventually appears 
and a foreigner may be greeted as her husband.
This is not discrimination.
It is tradition and culture.

Also, the ritual is the most important work for the emperor, but women can not do stable ritual task because of physical problems.

I want to ask people who say that this is female discrimination.

Was there a female pope?