Thursday, January 3, 2019

Depraved Emperor and Empress(Current and new)

Crown Prince Naruhito succeeds to the throne to the Emperor this year.
The Crown princess becomes the Empress when the Crown prince ascends the throne.

1 / 1 / 2019
Crown Prince Naruhito, Princess Aiko(genuine...?), Crown Princess Masako 

Can you see the difference between the two photos below?

1 / 1 / 2019

There is the Crown Princess Masako in the above picture, and she is not in the picture below.

The media reported extensively that she attended "the ceremony of New Year celebration" for the first time in 16 years.
It's almost like an impression operation that was always there until the end.
However, she was there only for a short time.
She made an alibi and immediately left.
She was not there when the Emperor and Empress greeted each country Ambassador .
This is the correspondence that made a fool of a foreign representative.

It is a frequently used way for her to attend only at the beginning of the ceremony
and to leave on the way.

She is not sick, she is just a lazy  - selfish person.
As its evidence, she is active in family recreation, she have never been absent.
Whether she is ill is not a problem.
It is a problem to use illness as an excuse for neglecting official affairs.

⦅If she is really sick, she should get the best doctors in Japan and receive appropriate treatment.
But we do not even know whether the team of doctors really exist or not.
Her doctor team has never made a press conference .
Just announce document once a year.
It is the same content every year.
" She is recovering little by little.
Please watch over her warmly.⦆

She occasionally do work---the short simple work or work that only sitting down.
She does not do work that requires a long time of perseverance.
She does not do the job of having to talk with a lot of people.
She does not attend public duties that she doesn't want to do.
And the Emperor and the Empress do not say anything about it. (That is, it permits)

These are objective facts.

The current Empress and Emperor does not scold the negligence of the eldest son and his wife.
On the contrary, they dote on the eldest son and give preferential treatment to him extremely.

We Japanese  do not want her to become the Empress.
We do noto want the Crown Prince Naruhito to become the Emperor because of his physical, intellectual and spiritual problems. 
But no one can clearly say about the Imperial family.
That is because the heart and soul of the Japanese are engraved with "irreverent" "disrespectful".

We may not be able to do anything any longer.
Culture and tradition of the Imperial Family  will disappear gradually.
"Japan" will also disappear.

They will succeed to the throne on May 1st.
It is May 1st that they succeed to the throne.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

  Fake news.

Fordham University School of Law (USA)

It is wrong!

💢 To Fordham University School of Law

Princess Mako is not officially engaged yet. 
Therefore Mr. Kei Komuro is not a fiancee.
He and his mother have debt problems, etc.
and the engagement was postponed for two years.(indefinitely?)

⦅ Vulgarity...😱 ⦆

Due to various circumstances for him, most Japanese people oppose this marriage.
It is for Princess Mako and the Imperial family.
Despite of it, exceptionally it seems that his tuition fee is exempted entirely.
Why is it special treatment for a man who is not a fiancée and just worked as a clerk in a short period at a law firm office?

I can not help feeling the power of darkness working behind the scenes.

⇒  Additional notes (20/7)
 It seems that there was a request for correction from the Imperial Household Agency 
and it seems that they deleted the word "fiancée" from the homepage.

💢 To BBC

The next matter has nothing to do with the Imperial family,...

The case of  "Japan's Secret Shame"  program.
The incident that Miss Shiori Ito was raped by Mr. Yamaguchi. (This is only Miss Ito's claim.)

Did Miss Shiori Ito say the truth?
Did you(BBC) check whether Shiori Ito said the truth?
Did you research the facts?

⦅ 👂  She does not seem to be a Japanese....
It seems that her face has changed a lot.... ⦆

It became non-prosecution in Japan.
Did you believe only what she says, and broadcast?
In the first place, she is neither a journalist .
She seems to have worked in the American piano bar.
Is not she nearing him for become a journalist?
Perhaps he was close to Prime Minister Abe, so he might have been targeted.

There is one easy-to-understand fact.
She is e-mailing Mr. Yamaguchi three days after the incident was said to have occurred.

"Mr. Yamaguchi, Thank you for the hard work. Did you safely returned to Washington? It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me what kind of response you are considering about  VISA."

She seems to make various excuses about this mail, but it is not entirely convincing.

In addition,
BBC cut out some of the remarks of the Japanese women's parliamentarians
who interviewed in this case,
and made a malicious news report.

She has been slandered for the wrong reason.
It is a terrible libel and a human rights violation.
This women's parliamentarians went to the United Nations
and testified the lies of forced comfort women claimed by South Korea.
Because she is a left wing obstacle, she might have been targeted.
They may have been aimed at eliminating her.

(By the way, there were comfort women.
There were also many Japanese women.
They were in every country, every war.
However, they were not taken forcibly by Japan.
Moreover, they are not sex slaves.
They were not women who were forced to provide sex.
Those who applied for comfort women had worked with high salary.
Hygiene management was also properly done.

The deceived people were deceived by Korean brokers.
There are many evidence in Japan.
But in South Korea there are only testimonies of women who claim to be former comfort women.
The testimony changes often.
The UN supports the ambiguous claim of South Korea and does not accept Japan's claim.
This is that it was defeated in the war.
It is too absurd.)

The lie of "comfort women forcibly taken" began with the fabricating report of the Asahi Shinbun in Japan.
The Asahi shinbun(newspaper) recognized false coverage in 2014.
However, they have not reported anything for overseas, and have recently announced that they are not willing to report in English.
It's a really rotten left wing newspaper.

「Michael Yon JP」⇩
(There are English sentences under Japanese sentences.)

(on August 27, add.)
The sneakiness of the Asahi Shimbun was revealed again.
The Asahi shimbun wrote an English article  that admitted
that "comfort women forcibly taken" was a false article,
but had taken measures to prevent that article from being searched.
And when it was found, it made an excuse that it was not intentional but a mere mistake.
(Moreover, although it was in English, it was posted in Japanese version.)
They are a  really sneaky and dirty group.


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There are many fake news for Japan.
Are such domineering of other countries against Japan permitted?
Not only South and North Korea, China, but countries all over the world want to denigrate Japan?
Japan is being eroded by the left wing domestic and overseas.

It is regrettable but I can not convey it well because my English is not good (I'm sorry🙇).

Because my English is not good, those who can not understand the contents,
please refer to the blog below.
Both of them are Americans, but they understand Japan and are stating a true opinion.
These are blogs for Japanese people, but English is also written together.
(It is not about the Imperial family.)

Sunday, April 1, 2018


Crown Prince Naruhito

3/16/2018  To Brazil
Private visit.
For attending water related international conference.

(Both mother and son are wearing a strange hat.)

 3/22 Return from Brazil

(Princess Aiko.....?)

The grandfather of Crown Princess Masako became the president of company which
caused pollution with the water.
Many people were born with a severe disorder and they suffered and died.

Nevertheless, the company slandered patients, hired organized crime syndicates,
and attacked their families.
 Eugene Smith (American photographer) was also seriously injured.

The president of the company (CHISSO CORPORATION) was Masako's grandfather.
(In the first place, a family line that should not enter inside the Imperial Family.)

 水俣病 (mina mata byou)

Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife Masako have never visited there before
to do consoling the spirits of the dead.
They have not apologized.

Incidentally Prince Akishino and his wife, Princess Kiko have visited there
to do consoling the spirits of the dead.

We are angry at a deception that Crown Prince Naruhito studies the water problem, without mentioning this serious pollution disease that is involved with his wife's parents home.

They go skiing without fail at the end of March every year.
They rarely do public service, but do not miss the play.
Recreation and waving their hands are  their main job.

People prepared by a religious group welcome them.


3/27 Okinawa
She is sticking a dish hat to her forehead oddly.

She always puts her hands on the belly and sticks to the Korean style.



Emperor (and Empress) said he wanted to abdicate because he was elderly (Constitutional violation).
Nevertheless,  thereafter they frequently go out to music and art appreciation and traveling.



To the Imperial court ritual on March 21, Empress Michiko was absent saying her leg hurts.
But she attended music appreciation etc on the day before and after.
Crown Princess Masako is absent from the Imperial court ritual  as usual.
But she definitely goes out for recreation.

Emperor Akihito, Empress Michiko and Crown Prince Naruhito  and his wife Masako and his daughter Aiko are luxuriously using the huge blood tax.


Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko are attending important official duties solemnly and sincerely .



Originally, this is the official duty to be attended by the Emperor and the Empress
or the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess.
But they mainly do a flashy, easy and conspicuous work.
So the official affairs where they are important but not interested in are assigned to
Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko.
Besides,  the media does not report the information of  Prince Akishino 
and Princess Kiko so much.

Because Crown Princess Masako does not do public affairs,
the burden comes to Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko.
Even so, there is little media coverage.

Despite reporting  it greatly when the Crown Princ, his wife, his daughter go skiing...

Sunday, February 25, 2018

I object to the enthronement of Crown Prince Naruhito.

Crown Prince Naruhito, 58 years old birthday.


(Who is a girl sitting on the right?)

Every year, it is filmed in the same soundproof room.
Every year, similar clothes and similar poses ...

However,  Aiko is different every year.
Or, She has a disorder called anorexia nervosa?











add.        latest photos( 21 / 7 / 2018 )

She cut a forelock?
This is the same day.

Please compare.
23 / 12 / 2016
22 / 3 / 2017
Do these three people look like the same person?

She is a real "Princess Aiko".

"She is  very excellent" the weekly magazine advertises.
However, she is the princess who has hardly talked at a public place.

Empress Michiko seems to want to make Princess Aiko,
the daughter of the Crown Prince, into the future Emperor.
For that, she is manipulating every information.

Because the present Emperor abdicates the throne
before his death (an unconstitutional act),
Crown Prince Naruhito who continues to deceive the Japanese people
will become the Emperor next year.

Crown Princesss Masako becomes the Empress
when Crown prince Naruhito ascends the throne.

21 / 8 / 2018
At the Tokyo station where the Crown Prince family came back from a rest.

Although Crown Princess Masako rarely does official duties, she takes a rest on several occasions annually, in an exclusive resort for the Imperial Family.
As if she found something interesting among the onlookers,
 she was laughing loudly while swinging her arms.


I can not believe that she can assume  the Empress'  heavy responsibility.
She is not fit for that position.
It is too heavy for her.

The current Empress is effectively the Emperor.

He is a marionette of Empress Michiko.

Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, who can not do Shinto rituals
for physical, spiritual or religious reasons.


7 / 31 / 2018 ( the latest photo)


souka gakkai

If he succeeds to the Imperial throne, Japan may be over.


A matter of the engagement postponement of Princess Mako.
First of all, I was relieved.
The Japanese people hopes that Princess Mako  does not marry him (Kei Komuro).
I am sorry for Princess Mako, but she was deceived and did wrong choice.
She made a mistake.
It seems that there was not enough awareness that she is an older sister
of future Emperor (Prince Hisahito of Akishino).

His ( Kei Komuro ) Japanese father and grandfather committed suicide (doubt).
A grandfather of his mother's side is Korean.

《 It is not discrimination.
The Imperial Family is special.
The Imperial Family is a family of the head of the Shinto(神道).
The Emperor must be Japanese.
In addition, The Emperor must be male.
This is because it performs religious service stably.
However, unfortunately Empress Michiko and Crown Princess Masako may not be Japanese.

The Imperial Family is just before collapse.
This is the limit. 》

As for his mother (Kayo Komuro), there are  problems of  debt,
plural lovers's affair , emerging religion.
Mother's debt includes his tuition.
Mother's former lover is seeking refunds, but they refused refunding by saying they are gifts.

He might have  approached Princess Mako intentionally.
Because they gets huge privilege if he becomes relative with the imperial family.

In the first place the Japanese does not easily approach a Imperial Family member.
Moreover, he applied for marriage to her when he was a college student,
and then he got a job but quit in about a year.

He does not seem to have awareness and a sense of responsibility to make a princess a wife.

If such a scandal becomes apparent, ordinary Japanese will decline marriage from myself.

There must be someone behind this matter, pulling the strings.
Somebody with huge power...