Thursday, April 6, 2017

Those who impaired (spoiled) the Imperial Family.

King Felipe Ⅵ and Queen Letizia of Spain visited Japan on 4th April.
Welcome to Japan.
The beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom is also welcoming the king and the Queen.
(Cherry blossoms scattering in the wind are also beautiful.)


Thank you very much for the message of the King's warm-hearted sympathy immediately after the avalanche accident where eight people died at the ski resort last month.
I am sorry that members of the Imperial Family did not meet them at the airport.

The king and queen are wonderful and lovely.
😍 Queen Letizia  looks like a very beautiful flower.

Crown Princess Masako always puts bags on the  belly and walks.

Crown Princess Masako hurled herself against the King and the Queen at time of greetings.
(Are they all right? 😟)
Her ungainly courtesy.
It was such a sight that I wanted to turn my eyes away.
But I laughed in spite of myself.
I became the feeling that wanted to cry afterwards.
In a few years she becomes the Empress.😢😢

Although she has been a member of the Imperial Famiry for more than 20 years.😞
She has no manners at all.💢

She is not an adaptation disorder(maladjustment, an adaptation syndrome, depression ).
Her behavior shows that.
She used the physical condition deterioration as an excuse for not participating in the rituals and inconspicuous official affairs,  but she always goes to conspicuous official affairs, private trips and eating out.

4/5  The banquet at the Imperial Palace

(Black hair under wigs↑)
beautiful 😊

Empress Michiko which neither Tiara nor sash is wearing.

She used the trouble at the cervical spine as an excuse for not wearing a tiara.
She has no trouble at the cervical spine.
Her action shows that.
She plays tennis, jogs and plays the piano for hours.

I am sorry that Empress Michiko caught hold of the Queen's elbow and walked.


Also when King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited Japan.

I think that Empress Michiko is rude and the Queen is hard to walk.

I feel sorry for the vulgar behavior(manners) of Crown Prince Naruhito 
and Crown Princess Masako, Empress Michiko.


Crown Prince Naruhito has caused many troubles to the Spanish royal couple so far.
I'm very sorry.

His behavior embarrassed us.
We Japanese are ashamed him.
We are so sorry.



They are not fit for the Imperial Family.
It is obvious in a lot of photos.


I wanted to see photos of the King and the Queen with Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko.

Prince Akishino
Princess Kiko

Princess Mako
Princess Kako

They are hardly televised.
Although we want to see pretty princesses.
Princesses are lovely, but I want to see them wearing  more gorgeous dresses.

It seems that a big invisible force is working.

There is someone who do not want them to stand out.
There are people who do not want them to stand out.

(I am sorry that my English is poor and that it is difficult to read.)