Saturday, March 25, 2017

Deep and treacherous plot ・・・Imperial Family that was caught in the trap.

It is not the occult or a delusion.
That is the crisis of Emperor 's lineage that lasts 2600 years.
There are those who scheme to cut off the lineage of the Emperor 's male line.
The Emperor is different from the foreign King in essence.
The Emperor is the head of Shinto(神道).
It is a king of the ritual.
Male Emperor of the lineage of the Emperor 's male line must correctly connect from Prince Akishino  to Prince Hisahito.

What the United Nations called discrimination against women is totally wrong.
A woman with menstruation or childbirth can not be the Emperor.
Because women can not maintain stable rituals throughout the year.
And some rituals are quite severe physically.
(There were female Emperor of the lineage of the Emperor 's male line in the past. 
But that is temporary. 〈The role of pinch-hitter〉)

Please understand.

Empress Michiko declares openly, "There is nothing to worry about my family."

She lied as if nothing had happened.
She has no scruples about lying.

Even in this state?
Do you think so even in such a state?

Anorexia nervosa? (Princess Aiko,  daughter of  Crown Prince )
and the double?  
The double?  (Empress Michiko)
!! (Crown Prince Naruhito)
Left: beautiful curtsy (Princess Mako)      Right: Crown Princess Masako who nearly falls down and clings.
Crown Princess Masako seems to be very energetic, but is under "medical treatment" for "mystery illness" more than ten years.

and・・・・・・・・, etc.

At first ... I am sorry that I am not good at English.
But, by all means, please read to the end.

This blog has  to expose the shame in Japanese Imperial family, but it can not be helped.
I was at a loss whether to write or not.
but, I saw Princess Aiko 's graduation ceremony video (3/22) and thought that I had to tell it.

Who is this?

Princess Aiko 's graduation ceremony photo (3/22)
that afternoon     ↓↑ who??

  ↓3/24      ↓↑ who??

Do you look like the same person ?
2/23 (Photo release date)                                     3/22

Where is this girl with a very emaciated body and sharp nose ?
Why does her nose and ear (Eyes, hair quality, etc.) change so much?

Is not this a child abuse?

The Japanese have to clean up  the corruption of Imperial family.

For Japanese people,  "Imperial family" is an important thing.
Now, that is not exaggeration, it is a crisis in Japan.

Japanese Imperial Family has been eroded by domestic and foreign anti-Japan forces.

Anti-Japanese forces are also in the Imperial family.

Many people finally began to notice the truth by the Internet.
I am one of them.

Some pioneers in Japanese have continued to appeal  "the miserable situation of the Imperial Family", but the truth does not spread easily.
It is already impossible just by the power of the Japanese.
Because the media is on the opposite(leftist) side.

The reason why I criticize Imperial Family  is not because I want to destroy  it but I want to protect it.

There is a trend "not to have to criticize Imperial Family" to a Japanese.
There is a tendency not to be allowed to criticize the imperial family, in particular Emperor and Empress.
The Japanese are still brainwashed. "The Emperor and the Empress are wonderful people, the eldest son Naruhito (crown prince) is a sincere personality , Crown Princess Masako and Aiko of her daughter are very smart(excellent )."
But the truth is ...
It is completely different.

That marriage was a structured trap.
Empress Michiko who continued to cheat the people with "gesture of affection " and "hypocrisy".
Remarks to insult those who fought for Japan and lost their lives.
Information manipulation using left-wing (leftist) media.
The destruction of Japanese style manners by  Empress Michiko.
Empress Michiko pretends illness when it is inconvenient (such as criticism) , and appeals to the sympathy.

The large number of disasters of "Heisei" as a result of neglecting rituals.
( Emperor is the head of "Shinto".
The duty of the Emperor is to pray for the well-being of the nation as the head of Shinto.
That is the most important thing.
Even if he can not do anything else, he  have to perform only the ritual.
While dedicating everything.
"The Emperor" is so special,  one and only existence.)

Crown princess Masako who continues playing for over 10 years with "mysterious disease" (to neglect rituals and public affairs).
Her academic background and career history are fake.
The true disease that is not announced of  Crown Prince Naruhito and his daughter(Aiko).

Suspicion of " the double " of  Empress and the daughter of  Crown prince.
The Imperial family which was built up by many lies.

The suspition that  sold off the Imperial treasure without permission at the net auction.
Relationship between Christianity and Empress  Miciko,  relationship between Soka Gakkai and  Crown Princess Masako.
Relationship between GHQ and the Empress' s parents' house, relationship between pollution enterprises and the Crown Princess' s parents' house.
Empress Michiko may be a bomb that GHQ set up on the Imperial Family.

Empress Michiko and the Crown Princess Masako : obscure origin and background.
It is highly likely that they are not Japanese.
Suspicion that the Shouda family (Empress' s parents house) and the Owada family ( Crown princess's parents house) are connected to China and South Korea.
(China and Korea have diffused the information of lies about Japan and continue to insult. Please  read also Mr. Michael Yong's blog about this . )
(Incidentally, In Japan there are many naturalized  Diet members. And there are many refugees from North and South Korea.)

And now, Opposition parties(There are many Naturalized  Diet members of anti-Japan thought ) and the media use a dirty trick,  are planning to destroy the Abe administration.


Prince Akishino (the second son of  Emperor and Empress) and Princess Kiko have been insulted by forgery information.
A certain people who want to make Crown prince (of low intelligence) a  Emperor are involved in this matter.
Two doubtful religious groups are also related to this.
They spread the terrible false rumor.

I really can not forgive it !

Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko are treated coldly by Empress, and even if childbirth is restricted, they are constantly going through rituals and public service seriously and sincerely and gently.

Prince Akishino and his family are the only and last hope of the Japanese.

I would like you to know these things.

Crown Prince Naruhito is not fit for the Emperor in  intelligence, dignity, ability, and physical condition .
Empress Michiko dote upon only  (mentally retarded ) Crown prince Naruhito and is trying to change the Constitution to make him emperor as soon as possible.
We do not have much time anymore.

I am poor at English, so I will post a lot of pictures.
The picture is written in kanji as "写真".
It means "to project(describ,photograph) the truth".
It is exactly the figure of truth.

☆ Light  ☆                    
😊   Prince Akishino's family
Prince Akishino (Akishinonomiya Fumihito, the younger son of Emperor)
😊 Beautiful!
 Prince Akishino
Princess Kako     Princess Kiko     Princess Mako
Princess Kiko (the wife of Prince Akishino)
Princess Mako (the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko),
Princess Kako (the younger daughter of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko)
Prince Hisahito
the eldest son (Emperor of the future) of  Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko
cute 😍

★ Darkness ★

😠 Empress Michiko


😞 Painting appreciation on the day following a disaster.

Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, too.
They do not snuggle up to the feelings of  Japanese people.

😞 The destruction of Japanese style manners.

(Left: Empress Michiko)      Korean style ⇓ 

😃 Japanese style
Prince Hitachi(Hitachinomiya Masahito, Emperor's younger brother) and the wife, Princess Hanako.
She is a dignified, beautiful and good posture.

😞 Empress Michiko says her cervical spine hurts but she is fine enough to play tennis.
Empress Michiko has recently become herpes zoster  again.
(How many times has she become it? ? 
Incidentally it has a low relapse rate.)
And a few days later・・・
It was announced that Empress  will be absent from  the ritual  because of herpes zoster.
Surprisingly, though she was absent from the ritual, she has came out to "Music appreciation" before and after it.
She used the trouble at the cervical spine as an excuse for not wearing a tiara.
She has no trouble at the cervical spine.
Her action shows that.
She plays tennis, jogs and plays the piano for hours.

😞 This is the young age of the Empress Michiko.
Who is she??  !!!

😞 Suspicion of " the double " and Cosmetic surgery
Do you look like the same person ?

Difference in height.

expands and contracts

Difference in forehead size
😞 The double ?  Cosmetic surgery?

How many people are  substitutes(double) for her?

I wonder if her hair is black?
They are all wearing the same wig and are deceiving us.
2017/3/24(Latest photo)

😞 Abnormal approach in the presence of the public.
(The Japanese does not do such a thing.)

😞 A pose to make oneself look beautiful.
(Baby doll?)
(There is a net behind...)

😞 A wife of the head of the Shinto is a Christian?
Costume play?

😞 A very unbelievable and strange appearance.
"Plate(dish) hat" for hiding the forehead ?
Korean style?

                       Korean hair ornament ⇓                          Empress Michiko

😞 Empress Michiko dressing up with Emperor of casual wear.

😞 When she isn't careful, she reveal her true nature.
Left: Empress Michiko       Right: Princess Kiko
The difference between the two is clear.

😞 It looks like an emperor(queen).
(The person in the shirt on the left is Emperor.)

😞 Empress hides Emperor.

Left: Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko , Right: Empress Michiko and Emperor

😞 Empress brought  a  present of birth of the eldest son (Emperor of the future) of  Prince Akishino.
It was an unwrapped ornament of  one of shoes.
(A sinister performance!)

😞 Suspicion of cosmetic surgery.

Empress Michiko and Crown princess Masako

😠 Crown princess Masako
Many disgraceful behavior.

She is always slovenly in appearance.
(Makeup on the collar.)
Crown princess Masako fell asleep on the stage.
💩 disheveled hair

😞 She does not know the manners.

😞 She can not do "curtsy" .
What was she doing for twenty years?

Left: Crown Princess Masako.
Center: Princess Mako (the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko),
Right: Princess Kako (the second daughter of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko)⦆

Left: Crown Princess Masako.
Center: Princess Kiko (the wife of Prince Akishino),
Right: Princess Sayako (the eldest daughter of Emperor)⦆

Right: Crown Princess Masako.
⦅Left:Princess Mako (the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino)⦆

😞 Cosmetic surgery?

😞 She meets only white visitor joyfully.
The Asian whom she come out to welcome  is only a Chinese, a Korean.

Differences in posture.
Crown princess Masako (sitting on the left) and Princess Kiko.

😞 Connection with emerging religion(cult).
[Tricolor flag of Soka Gakkai]

A strange grave and suspicious (Buddhist) priests.
Owada family who can not follow family lines.

😞 Rudeness to say hello with the foot of the dog.

Surprisingly, Crown Prince is the back seat.

⦅The photo above is the Akishinomiya family.⦆
She does not do public service and rituals much, but private trips and play do not take a rest.

She is not an adaptation disorder(maladjustment, an adaptation syndrome, depression ).
Her behavior shows that.
She used the physical condition deterioration as an excuse for not participating in the rituals and inconspicuous official affairs,  but she always goes to conspicuous official affairs, private trips and eating out.


😞 Their main work is "to wave their hand".

😞 Crowne Princess' father, Owada Hisashi.
(Judge of the International Court of Justice)
He has anti-Japan thought.

😬 She is called "costume stalker".
Many domestic and foreign princesses are victims of her "costume stalker".

😠 Crown Prince Naruhito

Many disgraceful behavior

Crown prince who being ridiculed abroad.
Overseas media may better know than Japanese people.

(Camera enthusiast)
The exhibitor who is reflected in the exhibit.

(A part of the real net auction image)
The suspition that  sold off the Imperial treasure without permission at the net auction.

By the way, we have not seen the first Tiara of Empress and Crown Princess for a long time.
Where?  Are there?

😞 Empress Michiko dotes on Crown Prince Naruhito.

😞 Crown Prince Naruhito participated in an event of Soka Gakkai.

😞 Intimacy with former UN Secretary-General(Korean).

Crowne Princess' father(Owada Hisashi) and former UN Secretary-General(Korean).

😞 disgraceful behavior.

He troubles Royal Family of other countries.

😞 Urinary incontinence, suspition of artificial bladder.
This has not been announced.
He can not do ritual in this body.
This series of photos has been retouched!

Doubt of the urine pack wearing.

Crown Prince Naruhito can not do rituals in this body's condition.
Because he has to do "kessai(潔斎)" before the Shinto ritual.
(Purifying the body by water or hot water).
 The Shinto ritual  can not be done with a dirty body.
So he can not !
He has no aptitudes and qualifications to become an Emperor.

😞 A wig scandal.

😞 Daughter of  Crown Prince.
Princess Aiko.

Autism? Developmental disorder?
This has not been announced,too.
(It has been leaked out by the overseas media.)
It is a problem that it does not publicize and does not receive proper medical treatment.
Is not this a child abuse?
And they use the mass communication and are spreading fake information that Princess Aiko is excellent and genius.

She has to walk behind Crown Princess, but....

😞 Suspicion of " the double " 

Moreover she(they) is suspected of anorexia nervosa.
but this has not been announced,too.

Empress declares openly, "There is nothing to worry about my family."

New face? (3/22)

How many people are  their substitutes(double)?
(Empress Michiko and Princess Aiko・・・etc.)

Even if we say that they have "substitutes", we are only criticized now.

😞 Many photos that have been corrected and forged.

Photo that made the legs long, etc.

where on earth does the child of  light blue clothes stand?

Pitiful child・・・Victim
Where is this girl?
Is not this a child abuse?

But・・・this may be forged, too.

The darkness of Imperial Family is very deep.